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Water Provider Service Areas Except Tucson Water

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This metadata information is subject to our disclaimer. Metadata information presented here is maintained manually. Therefore, date-sensitive fields such as feature count and date of last update may not be up-to-date. All metadata is subject to errors inherent in a manual process.

Descriptive nameWater Provider Service Areas Except Tucson Water
File namewatercos
Spatial domainEastern Pima County
AbstractWATERCOS displays the boundaries of water providers in Eastern Pima County and southern Pinal County, with the exception of Tucson Water. Contact Tucson Water for information regarding its service area or see the WATER_TW layer.

A water provider may be a private company, a municipal utility, or an entity financed by a special taxing district. Each year, water providers in Active Management Areas are required to provide ADWR with a description of their service area boundaries. ADWR can ask the provider to update these boundaries.

The franchise series of layers (F_*) also contain water companies. See more information.
Known errors/qualificationsThis layer was originally provided by ADWR. Pima County has no specific information on how these boundaries were determined. ADWR is replacing older boundary definitions with new boundaries that reflect a 660 foot buffer around a water provider's network of transmission mains. Some providers perform the 660 foot buffer themselves, while others leave this step to ADWR. The 660 foot buffer is a critical distinction used to determine whether a well is inside or outside a service area. It is similar to the PAG product WATERSYS, containing overlapping polygons and new areas.

As a result of the ADWR changes, Pima County ITD GIS now maintains this layer.

Additionally, by filtering on DESIGNATED = "Y" this watercos layer can be displayed as "Assured Water Supply - Designated Service Provider"
Feature typepolygon
Feature count 70
Thumbnail Map watercos.pdf PDF file format   (664,708 bytes, PDF created 02/14/2019 )
ProjectionNAD83 HPGN (Parameters)
Field/value metadata Field metadata    Field design change history
Source organizationADWR/TAMA
Source contactSue Smith - Tucson office
Source document or file nameProviders20056NoTucson.shp
Source date20080317
Source scale
Source formatShape
Source path with layer name
(For data as received)
Second source namePC ITD GIS
Second source contactFelipe Morales
Second source document or file nameWater companies
Second source date
Second source scale
Second source formatUnknown
Date of last data update
(This date may not be current.)
Last data update byAl Jimenez
Date/time last touched - Meaning? The Coverage date was not found. See coverage files, if any, for date.
  2019-02-13  11:33 AM - Shapefile - File maintenance format
  2019-02-14  02:00 AM - Published Enterprise GDB
LineagePC staff reprojected the source ADWR data.
1/28/13 - Updated Lago del Oro and Los Cerros water companies per Patti Egleston, 911 MSAG Coordinator COT.
8/27/13 - Updated Metro Water boundaries per Metro Water.
8/6/14 - Removed Rincon Ranch Estates as it was acquired by Tucson Water ..per RFCD.
9/16/14 - Renamed Metro Water areas, added annexations and modified boundary for Metro Water per Metro Water
7/6/15 - Updates to Farmers, Flowing Wells ID, Green Valley, Lazy C, Los Cerros, Rancho del Conejo, Sahuarita, Town of Oro Valley, Voyager and Winter Haven water companies.
7/27/15 - Added Quail Creek and Stone House.
9/12/16 - Added Mt Lemmon Co-op Water Co.
8/14/18 - Updated Oro Valley service area.
2/13/19 - Updated Metro Water service areas.
On maintenance?Yes
Maintenance organizationPC ITD GIS
Maintenance frequencyVaries
Maintenance descriptionFelipe Morales or Al Jimenez contacts Water Companies periodically or when notified of changes and makes the corresponding layer updates.
Library write access Pima County ITD GIS
Maintenance format in our libraryShape - (Coverage log | files) (Shapefiles listing)
GIS library path to file maintenance format \mars1\az\counties\pima\shapes\
Original conversion byADWR
Pima County ITD GIS contactFelipe Morales
On Pima County GIS Data FTP Server? Yes
On Main MapGuide map? Yes
On SDCP MapGuide map? No
On Other MapGuide map?Yes
MapGuide layer nameWater Provider Service Areas (except Tucson Water)
MapGuide scale low
MapGuide scale high 1:100,000,000
Primary Geocortex (-> PimaMaps) layer name

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