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Sanitary Sewer Section Maps

These Sanitary Sewer Section Maps are in Autodesk DWF format. See Viewing AutoCAD DWF images for instructions on using the required browser plug-in.

All the information in these DWF format maps is also available using Autodesk MapGuide. Our MapGuide maps are seamless and show many more data layers. See the Sanitary Sewer MapGuide Map.

Read the Disclaimer.

Each map covers one section. The Surveying System in Pima County is an explanation of how townships and sections are numbered. There are several ways to find a section map:

  1. Select a section map by entering township, range and section numbers. (Quick if you know the numbers.) The default values below show a portion of downtown Tucson. Sections outside Pima County or sections outside the eastern Pima County mapping area return "Not Found."

  2. Zoom in on the MapGuide Section Index Map and double-click on a section to see data available for the section, including Sanitary Sewer Section Maps. (See the Disclaimer and Using Autodesk MapGuide.)

  3. Select a township with the clickable index map of Eastern Pima County (249,130 bytes in Autodesk DWF format) . Then click on the section you want to see.

  4. Drill down through the file directory structure.

You can also show detail manhole data directly by entering a manhole number.

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