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Configuring MapGuide for Multiple Servers

The MapGuide Server Agent receives MapGuide requests from IIS and distributes the requests to one or more MapGuide Servers for processing. The MapGuide Servers return the results to the MapGuide Server Agent which passes the results to IIS to be sent to the user.

The MapGuide servers are specified by their IP address in this server registry key:

The "Mapserver_IP" value entry contains one or more IP addresses of MapGuide servers as a Multi-String. After choosing Modify to update the Mapserver_IP value with Regedt32, IP addresses are entered one per line in the registry editor dialog. "Enter" must be pressed after the last value to complete the line. Verify this by seeing the cursor at the start of the line after the last IP address.

After updating the registry, restart IIS and the "Autodesk MapGuide(R) Server 6.5" service to pick up the server IP address changes.

See Checking the MapGuide Server Agent and MapGuide Servers to see how to test the specified server IP address configuration.