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Using Pictometry Aerial Photos

Pictometry is oblique aerial photography. "Oblique" means the aerial photographs are taken at an angle rather than looking straight down.

Get ready to use Pictometry with these steps:

A very few users may want to use the Legacy Pictometry Viewer. The legacy viewer requires using the Internet Explorer web broswer and the installation of the Pictometry plug-in. We've retained the Legacy Pictometry Viewer for those who prefer it or may need functions unique to that viewer, such as downloading individual oblique photos. Each Pictometry photo is about 5 megabytes. Loading and changing photos may be slow. To use the Legacy Pictometry Viewer:

  1. Be sure you are using Internet Explorer on Windows.

  2. Use the MapGuide Oblique Aerial Photos tool "Legacy IE Viewer" button or the parcel information page's "Legacy Internet Explorer Viewer" link. Accessing any Pictometry Photo with these links prompts you to install or upgrade your Pictometry Viewer software if necessary. Or use Legacy Pictometry Viewer Installation or Upgrade.

  3. Use the Pictometry Help Help button in the Pictometry toolbar to display Legacy Pictometry Viewer Help for the various viewer buttons and tools. Exploring Pictometry PDF Icon is a quick overview.