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Web Browser Plug-ins Used by This Site

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Many of the maps and documents on this site require web browser plug-ins or Active-X controls to view them. These plug-ins enable us to deliver content that would otherwise either be unavailable or of lower quality. We recognize that time and effort is required to download and install plug-ins, but we feel that the effort is worth it as the other choice may be to do without the data. In most cases, the plug-ins are free.

Every section of this site that requires a plug-in has links to download and installation information. You only need to install those plug-ins that are needed for the particular data you want to view.

The following table lists the different source data types on this site that require plug-ins and gives a sample link to each type for testing purposes.

While not plugins, here are things that need to be working to use our site and many others.

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