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Districts - Voter Precincts

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Descriptive nameDistricts - Voter Precincts
File namedistvote
Spatial domainPima County
AbstractDISTVOTE displays the boundaries of voter precincts in Pima County as modified and adopted by the Pima County Board of Supervisors over the course of time. The latest changes were approved by the Board on February 15, 2022.
Known errors/qualificationsThis layer was screen digitized on the street centerline base. Only generally rectified to parcel base. Boundaries overlap parcels in some areas.
Feature typepolygon
Feature count 278
Thumbnail Map distvote.pdf PDF file format   (654,172 bytes, PDF created 07/19/2022 )
ProjectionNAD83 HPGN (Parameters)
Field/value metadata Field metadata
Source organizationPC Elections Division
Source contactMary Martinson
Source document or file name
Source date2012
Source scale
Source formatPaper
Date of last data update
(This date may not be current.)
Last data update byErik Glenn
Date/time last touched - Meaning? 2022-05-11  06:02 PM - Enterprise GDB - Library input format
  2022-06-06  01:54 AM - Shapefile
  See coverage files, if any, for date.
Lineage03/01/2006 - Received new layer from Elections, and processed it to populate Congressional and Legislative districts.
03/01/2008 - Precincts split/added per Elections, other attributes updated accordingly.
02/20/2012 - Precincts split/combined and renumbered per Elections, other attributes updated accordingly.
01/21/2014 - Precincts consolidated and renumbered per Elections staff, other attributes updated accordingly, slivers in geometry removed.
02/28/2018 - Precinct 229 split to make 249 and boundary between 6 and 175 moved.
09/24/2019 - Precinct boundary between 6 and 115 moved due to construction of subdivision BOSD approved 9/17
04/06/2021 - At request of Elections, made four changes: 1) adjusted boundary btw. Precinct 220 and 112 so a particular parcel wasn't split; 2) adjusted boundary btw. Precs. 125 and 241 to follow Boulder Canyon Pl; 3) adjusted boundary btw. Precs. 134 and 150 in Rudolf Dr area so no parcels are split; 4) expanded the area of Prec. 249 to follow the legal description change from 2017.
08/23/2021 - Adjusted boundary btw. Precs. 29 and 211 to follow Ina Rd & Pima Canyon Dr as in legal description.
11/03/2021 - Adjusted boundary btw. Precs. 54 and 196 to follow Elvira Rd, Tucson Bl, Corona Rd, and Country Club Rd, as described in legal description.
01/07/2022 - Elections proposed numerous boundary adjustments in eight areas around the County in order to minimize parcel splitting; affected precincts are 39, 109, 125, 127, 145, 155, 169, 171, 172, 182, 184, 196, 198, 214, 224, 227, 231, and 241. Board of Supervisors approved changes on 10/19/2021.
02/28/2022 - Elections proposed many boundary adjustments, including the creation of new precincts, in order to align with the new Congressional and Legislative District boundaries created by the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission. Number of precincts increased from 249 to 278. Board of Supervisors approved changes on 2/15/2022.
On maintenance?No
Maintenance organization
Maintenance descriptionElections will notify ITD GIS when there are precinct boundary changes.
Original conversion byPC ITD GIS Division
Pima County ITD GIS contactErik Glenn
Alternate Pima County ITD GIS contacte-mail address
On  Pima County Geospatial Data Portal? Yes

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