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Lesser long-nosed bat Habitat Model - Marana

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Descriptive nameLesser long-nosed bat Habitat Model - Marana
File namelnbat_m
Spatial domainTown of Marana
AbstractLNBAT_M displays the habitat model developed for the Lesser long-nosed bat (Leptonycteris curasoae yerbabuenae) in the Town of Marana. See more information.
Known errors/qualificationsThis model is based off of the M_LNBAT habitat model layer developed for the Pima County Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan by Recon. Areas of development in the Town of Marana have been removed from the model.
Feature typepolygon
Feature count 9,932
Thumbnail Map lnbat_m.pdf PDF file format   (837,788 bytes, PDF created 07/20/2022 )
ProjectionNAD83 HPGN (Parameters)
Field/value metadata Field metadata
Source organizationTown of Marana
Source contactJennifer Christelman
Source document or file name
Source date20070612
Source scale
Source formatShape
Date of last data update
(This date may not be current.)
Last data update byCory Jones
Date/time last touched - Meaning? 2020-11-17  11:06 PM - Enterprise GDB
  2020-11-17  10:32 PM - Shapefile - Library input format
  See coverage files, if any, for date.
LineageChanged maintenance format back to shape. Deleted two stump fields.
On maintenance?No
Maintenance organization
Maintenance description
Original conversion byCory Jones
Pima County ITD GIS contactCory Jones
Alternate Pima County ITD GIS contacte-mail address
On  Pima County Geospatial Data Portal? No

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