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Tucson Water Obligated Service Areas

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This metadata information is subject to our disclaimer. Metadata information presented here is maintained manually. Therefore, date-sensitive fields such as feature count and date of last update may not be up-to-date. All metadata is subject to errors inherent in a manual process.

Descriptive nameTucson Water Obligated Service Areas
File namewater_tw
Spatial domainEastern Pima County
AbstractWATER_TW displays areas that Tucson Water currently serves or is obligated to serve. See more information.
Known errors/qualificationsThis is a rough approximation of the obligated areas served by Tucson Water and some errors may exist especially in those areas outside the City of Tucson limits. Does not include the non-potable service area boundaries. The non-potable water system includes all water types that have not been treated to potable standards: reclaimed water lines, raw CAP mains from the canal, secondary effluent piped from the County treatment plant to the Roger Road reclaimed plan, TARP water in the mains between the recovery wells and the treatment plant and the CAVSARP recovery wellfields. Boundaries may overlap other water company service area boundaries because their definition of the boundaries may vary.

The City of Tucson Water Department has developed this data and maps for its own use and is not responsible for use by others. Therefore, the City of Tucson makes no guarantees as to the quality, completeness or accuracy of the data. This data is provided for general information only and is not intended to be representative of the City of Tucson's legal obligation to provide water service to any specific parcel of land not currently within the City's existing or intended service area. For determination of water service availability and willingness to serve to a specific parcel of land, contact the Tucson Water New Area Development Section at 791-4718. The data is the property of the City of Tucson Water Department and is intended to be used by the receiving person(s) only and not to be redistributed or reproduced without the City of Tucson Water Department's permission. Persons using this data do so at their own risk and agree to defend, indemnify and hold hamrless the City of Tucson as to any cliams or suit arising our of such use. By accepting and using this data, you are indicating your acceptance to the conditions and requirements stated above.
Feature typepolygon
Feature count 13
Thumbnail Map water_tw.pdf PDF file format   (462,639 bytes, PDF created 07/21/2022 )
ProjectionNAD83 HPGN (Parameters)
Field/value metadata Field metadata
Source organizationTucson Water
Source contactMichael Liberti
Source document or file namewater_tw
Source date20110113
Source scale
Source formatShape
Date of last data update
(This date may not be current.)
Last data update byMichael Liberti
Date/time last touched - Meaning? 2021-09-24  12:47 AM - Enterprise GDB - Library input format
  2022-06-06  02:40 AM - Shapefile
  See coverage files, if any, for date.
On maintenance?Yes
Maintenance organizationTucson Water
Maintenance frequencyVaries
Maintenance description
Original conversion byTucson Water
Pima County ITD GIS contactSteve Whitney
Alternate Pima County ITD GIS contacte-mail address
On  Pima County Geospatial Data Portal? No

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