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This metadata information is subject to our disclaimer. Metadata information presented here is maintained manually. Therefore, date-sensitive fields such as feature count and date of last update may not be up-to-date. All metadata is subject to errors inherent in a manual process.

Descriptive nameZIP Codes - Polygons
File namezip
Spatial domainPima County
Abstractzip displays ZIP Code areas. See more information.
Known errors/qualificationsMetropolitan boundaries are delineated well. Rural boundaries are extrapolated in some areas. Refer to US Postal Service for latest ZIP Code routes and for exact individual addresses. Zip codes defined by the US Postal Service as "unique", "military", and "post office box" are not included in this layer as they have no defined areas.

10/2013: While this layer is maintained as a feature class in gdbmaint, the coverage format is still required for certain nightly processing. See Steve Whitney.
Feature typepolygon
Feature count 56
Thumbnail Map zip.pdf PDF file format   (656,460 bytes, PDF created 04/26/2019 )
ProjectionNAD83 HPGN (Parameters)
Field/value metadata Field metadata    Field design change history
Source organizationUS Postal Service
Source contact
Source document or file namehttp://new.usps.com
Source date2000
Source scale
Source formatPaper
Source path with layer name
(For data as received)
Date of last data update
(This date may not be current.)
Last data update byRay Brice
Date/time last touched - Meaning? The Coverage date was not found. See coverage files, if any, for date.
  2019-04-25  06:07 PM - Shapefile - GDB maintenance published export format
  2019-04-26  02:07 AM - Published Enterprise GDB
LineageModified 85704 and 85718 zip code polygons as per USPS records requested by Matt from Tucson Water.
Modified 85641 based on boundary of Coyote Creek Lots 1-395.
Added 85756 zip code based on KOLD on-line news story, 7/1/08.
Modified 85718 boundary per anonymous mapguide printout from City, 5/14/09.
Modified 85756/85706 boundary using USPS lookup from parcel layer, 5/19/09.
Added 85622 based on Green Valley news article and zip+4 lookup, 8/17/09.
Removed 85744 based on zip+4 lookup and it was a single business "unique" zip code for IBM.
Modified 85629 based on zip+4 notified by Michelene, 4/22/14. Modified boundary of 85742 and 85737 per Irene Swanson 9/2/14. Modified 85653 as per Robin Freiman 9/11/14. Modified 85704 as per Robin Freiman, 10/31/14. Modified 85658 as per Jennifer Patterson (recorders office) 9/10/15. Modified 85641 as per Michelene 4/8/16. Modified 85741 per Robin 1/13/17. Modified 85755 1/27/17 per Robin. 10/25/17 Modified 85341 and 85321 per Robin. Modify 85653 per Marana.
On maintenance?No
Maintenance organizationPC ITD GIS
Maintenance description
Library write access Pima County ITD GIS
Maintenance format in our libraryGDB Std Export - (Coverage log | files) (Shapefiles listing)
GIS library path to GDB maintenance published export format \mars1\az\counties\pima\shapes\
Original conversion byTim Eubanks
Pima County ITD GIS contactRay Brice
On Pima County GIS Data FTP Server? Yes
On Main MapGuide map? Yes
On SDCP MapGuide map? No
On Other MapGuide map?No
MapGuide layer nameZip Code Areas
MapGuide scale low
MapGuide scale high 1:100,000,000
Primary Geocortex (-> PimaMaps) layer nameZip Code Areas

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