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ADWR Wells - Statewide Coverage: GIS Layer Fields

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ADWR Wells - Statewide Coverage, File name: wells_az

 Field Name   Description   Field Type   Domain   Enumerated 
 AMA      NVARCHAR      
 APPROVED   Date in YYYYMMDD the well construction was approved by ADWR. Included only if there is no actual con   NVARCHAR   Range   
 COUNTY   County name   NVARCHAR   Freeform   
 EASTWEST   Range direction E = East, W = West   NVARCHAR   Enumerated   
 INSTALLED   Date in YYYYMMDD the well was constructed   NVARCHAR   Range   
 LAT      NUMERIC      
 LON      NUMERIC      
 NORTHSOUTH   Township direction N = North, S = South   NVARCHAR   Enumerated   
 OBJECTID      INT      
 OBJECTID_1      INT      
 PROGRAM   ADWR program number (55 = Well Registry). Redundant but familiar prefix "55-" is used in some report   NVARCHAR   Enumerated   
 PUMPRATE   Operational rate water can be pumped from the well in gallons per minute   NVARCHAR   Range   
 QACRE160DI      NVARCHAR      
 QUARTER_10      NVARCHAR      
 QUARTER_16      NVARCHAR      
 QUARTER_40      NVARCHAR      
 SECTION   Section number 1 - 36   NVARCHAR   Range   
 UTM_Y_METE      INT      
 WATERSHED   Surface watershed name   NVARCHAR   Freeform   
 WELLTYPE   General well administrative category. There can be more than one use for a well. See WELLUSE1 and WE   NVARCHAR   Freeform   

There are 48 attribute fields.