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About our MapGuide classes

Our MapGuide classes focus on using the MapGuide Viewer with Pima County MapGuide maps. These classes are free and open to the public. No registration is required. While many data layers are shown and discussed, the classes are not a review of available data. We don't try to cover the larger topic of using the Internet for Pima County research. See the most recent class announcement and the class outline to see what our classes cover. The announcement is for the last class if an upcoming class hasn't been announced yet.

While the only prerequisite is experience using the web, most of those attending will have some experience with MapGuide. If you are new to MapGuide, it would help to go to Pima County MapGuide Maps, follow the directions there, and see if you can get started before the class. That way you won't be a complete beginner, will understand some of the concepts, and will have some questions. Our MapGuide Tips and Help page is a good resource that includes links to the MapGuide Viewer Help documentation. You may also find the Hands-On MapGuide Exercises helpful that we use in our class for internal Pima County staff. The hands-on class is not open to the public due to space limitations.

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