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Using Autodesk MapGuide

Get ready to use MapGuide with these steps:

  1. Read the Disclaimer if you haven't already.

  2. MapGuide technology requires using the Internet Explorer web browser on Windows.

    Our newer PimaMaps system works on all modern web browsers and platforms. Use PimaMaps!

  3. Windows 10 users see Windows 10 Help for MapGuide Users.

  4. Internet Explorer 11 users see Getting Internet Explorer 11 to work with MapGuide.

  5. Install the MapGuide Viewer

    You need rights to install software on your computer to complete the installation. If you are using your home PC or a PC that you maintain, then you probably have the needed rights. If you have problems installing or if you don't have rights to install software on your PC, contact your system administrator or support person.

    Using Internet Explorer, accessing any of our MapGuide maps prompts you to install or upgrade your MapGuide Viewer software if necessary. For example, you can install the MapGuide Viewer using this map link. If you see the map, you already have the required software.

  6. Remember there is a Tips and Help link at the top of most of our MapGuide maps. It has answers to common problems and questions as well as tips to make using MapGuide easier.

  7. Get started with the Main MapGuide Map on the Pima County MapGuide Maps page.