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General Land Office Survey Maps


The original Arizona cadastral survey "plats" were done by what was then called the General Land Office (GLO) in the late 1800's and early 1900's. The results we see here are scanned images of the maps as provided by the Bureau of Land Management and cover the entire state. These historical surveys established the townships and sections that we continue to use to this day as part of the Public Land Survey System. See The Surveying System in Pima County for an explanation of sections, townships and the Public Land Survey System (PLSS).

Generally, each map covers one township. A township is a square grid of 36 sections (or approximately 36 square miles). Picking a township shows one or more map sheets for the township. Besides the original township-wide map, there are usually updates or detail maps for the township.

There are three ways to find GLO Survey Maps:

  1. Use the township or section index map on PimaMaps - Main. Click on a township or section on the index map. Then click the "More Information" link in the displayed map tip. Then pick the displayed page's "General Land Office Survey Maps" link to drill down to the same results you get below by picking the township from the drop-down lists.

  2. Select a township by entering township and range numbers. The default values below are near downtown Tucson.

  3. Find a map using the Document Management System search .