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We get users from around the world checking out our interactive maps of Pima County. This world map lets them answer the question "Where in the world is Pima County?"

In addition to typical map features, this map includes interesting confluences from the Degree Confluence Project. The goal of the project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world and to take pictures at each location. Our map confluences information is updated daily just after midnight Arizona time (when everything works) but is not necessarily the latest data. See the Degree Confluence Project for the latest details. Using this world map, you can find the degree confluences in Pima County as well as the rest of the world. You must zoom in to a scale of 1:75,000,000 or closer before the confluence points will be visible.

Customize your online map viewing while seamlessly panning and zooming data layers of your choice.

To View the World Map Using MapGuide

Zoom To A World Map Location Using Degree Coordinates

Internet Explorer users on Windows can also zoom to a world map location within MapGuide by selecting the "Zoom to Lat/Lon" tool in the "Map Tools & Map Info." drop-down list box at the top of the map. That tool's zoom width defaults to 5000 feet. If you use the "Zoom to Lat/Lon" drop-down tool on the World Map, it helps to change the zoom width to about 2000000 feet. That's 2000000 (2 million) with no comma separators.

Use negative degree values to indicate South latitude and West longitude. You don't need to change the default width on this form.

Latitude      Longitude     Zoom width (miles)

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