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Autodesk MapGuide Ultimate Color Chart

Autodesk MapGuide uses 256 color numbers and corresponding colors in a set that appear to be unique to MapGuide, complete with several interesting anomalies.

MapGuide Author shows just a few colors at a time in a small scroll window. The color chart below makes it easier to choose and compare colors from the full set. The chart also allows those who don't have MapGuide Author to see the available MapGuide colors and select colors for the MapGuide map author to use.

The chart lets you open and move little color sample windows to compare with other colors on your screen or to preview a set of colors side-by-side that you may want to use. Click on colors in the displayed chart to open small windows with each selected color. If you open too many, you'll have a lot of windows to close! This feature works best with Internet Explorer.

Printing: The chart is implemented using HTML background colors. For Internet Explorer, printing the colors requires that you set Tools, Internet Options..., Advanced tab, "Print background colors and images". Other web browsers probably have similar settings.

Include hexadecimal RGB values
Include decimal RGB values

Cross reference duplicate colors
Insert base colors in color sequence

Chart aspect:
    1 row of color ranges. (Short and wide)
    2 rows color ranges.
    4 rows of color ranges.
    8 rows of color ranges.
    16 rows of color ranges. (Skinny and tall)

An appropriate chart aspect depends on your screen size, paper size, and whether you choose to include numeric RGB values.

Autodesk made a similar MapGuide color chart that doesn't have the formatting options.