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Downloading the Wrapper

All Wrapper files are zipped into one small file for download. The file name indicates the revision date.

When you unzip the file, be sure to "Use Folder Names" so that sample API code is placed in a separate directory named samplecode. You must also "Use Folder Names" so as not to overwrite one of the two 00readme.txt files.

After downloading and unzipping the ZIP file, check to be sure the files include a separate directory named samplecode. If not, delete the files and unzip again, making sure to specify "Use Folder Names" or equivalent in your ZIP software.

January 6, 2014 release - mgMWFwrapper2014010.zip

November 3, 2009 release

January 28, 2008 release

October 16, 2007 release

June 8, 2007 release

May 3, 2006 release

February 25, 2006 release

January 23, 2006 release

This release was mostly cleanup. There is no significant new function.

August 31, 2005 release

August 18, 2005 release

  1. No functional changes or bug fixes in this release.
  2. Used more appropriate and generalized sample settings in mgmapsettings.inc
  3. Minor text file and code comment updates.

May 26, 2005 release

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