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What is the Pima County MapGuide MWF Wrapper?

The Pima County MapGuide MWF Wrapper is a free and general purpose HTML, JavaScript and ColdFusion system that encapsulates MWF map files generated by Autodesk MapGuide Author. The Wrapper streamlines the user's MapGuide Viewer installation and upgrades and provides a base for MapGuide map application API development.

More than sample code, the Wrapper is a comprehensive and complete solution that handles all Viewer situations, managing the user's ActiveX control and plugin version as well as the Java Viewer on all platforms supported by Autodesk.

The Wrapper:

and is...

More detail than you may want or need to know about the Wrapper's logic and functions can be found in the Theory of Operation.

Autodesk documents how MapGuide developers can implement MapGuide maps as MWF files in web pages with many small examples. However, they don't supply comprehensive HTML and JavaScript code that handles all situations. Managing the map and the user's Viewer installation requires a significant amount of code which is now available to you with the Pima County MapGuide MWF Wrapper.

The Wrapper's function can work with all your maps. If the Wrapper is enhanced or fixed, it's automatically enhanced or fixed for all your maps. Gone are the days of copying code for each map and trying to put in the function to support various browsers. Most MapGuide site developers give up trying to make all user viewing platforms work . That's why many MapGuide sites simply say that Internet Explorer is required to use their site. We would rather say that our site supports any platform that Autodesk supports -- and it does.

The Pima County MapGuide MWF Wrapper has been used for Pima County MapGuide Maps by thousands of internal and public users since May 2004. The Wrapper is a proven solution for encapsulating your MapGuide Maps and is transparent to those who have the required Viewer installed while making it easy for users to install or upgrade the Viewer as needed.

You can see what the Wrapper does and how the Wrapper responds by using our site and by looking at Sample User Dialogs captured from the screen. Using the Wrapper on our site won't be very interesting if you have the version 6.5 Viewer installed. Try our site with the 6.3 Viewer and see what happens. Then, uninstall your Viewer (see uninstall tips) and try our site with no Viewer installed to see what happens. Note that our site is set to require Version 6.5 for all maps. Therefore, you will never see the case where it simply recommends an upgrade as there is no lower Viewer version that works with our site's maps.

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