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Pictometry Aerial Photos

Aerial photos described here are from Pictometry International Corporation. Pictometry specializes in oblique aerial photography and includes orthophoto views as well. See About Pictometry Aerial Photos for more.

Pictometry Orthophoto Tile Photos

Orthophoto tile photos are not the primary Pictometry oblique or angled photos. Orthophoto tiles are large files intended primarily for technical users.

Tile cell and sector sizes and limitations

Options for viewing and downloading Pictometry Orthophoto Tile photos

Pictometry Project and Photo Area maps


The map to the left shows the Pictometry 2020 project areas in eastern Pima County. The project also includes the Ajo area. Photos in the green areas have 3-inch resolution. Photos in the tan areas have 9-inch resolution.

Pictometry project areas are available on the Pictometry Project MapGuide maps below, the Main MapGuide Map, the PimaMaps - Survey map and others.

The Pictometry maps below are intended primarily as a technical reference of supplemental Pictometry information. They are not generally used as the primary maps for viewing oblique Pictometry photos.

The oblique Pictometry photos themselves are not layers on a map, but are available for viewing using the "Oblique Aerial Photos" tool under the "Help and Custom Tools" tab on the PimaMaps - Main map, the MapGuide "Oblique Aerial Photos" tool on the Main MapGuide Map and many others.

To view the Pictometry MapGuide maps and download Pictometry Orthophoto Tile photos:

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