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Legacy Pictometry Viewer Help

See About Pictometry Aerial Photos for an overview of Pictometry and Exploring Pictometry PDF Icon for a quick overview of the tools in the legacy viewer.

Changing the Photo Year

Default Pictometry Tool

There is no "default" tool. Your Windows select cursor Arrow Cursor is shown initially. The Windows select cursor is not a photo tool and has no function in the photo itself. If you don't want to see the current Pictometry tool, simply pick another tool that sticks, such as Set Crosshair, Zoom Box or Pan.

Zooming, Magnification, and Clarity

There are several zoom tools that zoom the photo in or out, magnifying or backing away from the image. The current photo magnification is displayed as a percentage along with the photo date and time on the far left of the tool bar. The default magnification or zoom level is 100%.

As you zoom in, the zoom level increases to more than one hundred percent: 133%, 178%, and so on, up to 999% and beyond in some cases. As you zoom out, the zoom level decreases to less than one hundred percent: 75%, 56%, and all the way down to 10%.

The 100% zoom level is special. As you zoom in from 100%, the picture starts to get fuzzy. As you zoom out beyond 100%, the picture can show minor artifacts caused by interpolating the photo pixels for display at the screen pixel size. At 100% magnification each photo pixel is displayed as exactly one screen pixel, showing the sharpest and clearest image possible. If you are going to screen capture or print the photo view, a zoom level of 100% should provide the best result.

The 100% zoom level is only meaningful for the main window photo. Photos displayed in the Quad View window are scaled to approximately 1/4 of the main window photo size.

Navigation Tools

Changing Photo Direction

Miscellaneous Tools

Address Number Zoom Goto

Print, Help and Feedback Tools

This help page was written by Pima County Geographic Information Systems. It includes selected edited excerpts from Electronic Field Study Help, version 2.4, Copyright Pictometry, Inc., 2002.