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GIS Library Data Layer Metadata

This page describes the data layers in our GIS library. This descriptive information is metadata. Applications such as PimaMaps and the Pima County Geospatial Data Portal include many of these layers. Conversely, many library layers are not included in those products. In addition to searching and displaying metadata here, you can retrieve the Metadata Database in Comma-delimited Format.

For more about our metadata, see and Metadata Field Descriptions (what's in the metadata).

Show field metadata for all layers. It's a text file of about 600 kilobytes. You can see this same information one layer at a time by drilling down into the metadata layers with other links on this page.

Show all data layers sorted by:

File name
Descriptive name
ITD GIS contact
Source organization
Original conversion by
Shapefile Date
On maintenance?
Maintenance organization
Maintenance frequency

Feature type

  GIS Library Imagery listing.